The Adult Day Center offers customized activities
that fit the rhythms and behaviors of our participants
which helps maintain a regular routine
and nighttime sleeping patterns.

 The center offers different programming paths to meet the specific needs of our guests.
If needs change or increase in the future, we can adjust to continue providing quality care in the environment they have become comfortable with.

We respect our participant’s right to join or decline any activity offered at the day center.
If someone is not interested in a structured group our staff will make every effort to get them involved in an individual project and provide resources
and support for guests to create their own peer group activities.
Participants can choose from up to 10 structured group activities each day.

Groups are designed to be fail-safe and strength-based for individual abilities.
They are adapted as needed to ensure everyone interested can participate (hand-over-hand assistance, large print, amplified sound, peer assistance, etc.).
Discussion groups always include a sensory component beyond audio to capture all of the senses.


Caregivers and families often ask our staff about activities that can be done at home.
Please feel free to download our Activities for Home document, which lists 20 different ways to keep members active and engaged while at home.



Activity Planning


Activities are planned with participant's interests in mind and based on member requests when possible.
Examples include: exercise, trivia, discussions, reminiscing, arts/crafts, baking,
adapted active sports, games, life skills activities, music, and volunteer opportunities.
Activities are cognitive and age appropriate with a defined goal or purpose.


Our activities are planned in advance and published in our day center newsletter monthly.
We offer 12 “Theme Days" each year.
Past themes have included: camping, formal dances, game shows, specific time eras such as “The 50’s”, “The 70’s”, etc.



The process of the activity, not just the end product, is included when developing our activity goals and purpose.
We consider the following questions: What are our participants going to get from the group?
How does the goal or purpose translate outside the group to help in their daily lives (such as the use of fine motor skills to open a jar)?


We keep our participants connected to the community and work with area school volunteers to provide inter-generational programming and one-on-one or small group interactions. We take guests out into the community for outings such as: the Civic Center, bowling, restaurants, shopping, museums,
Olbrich Gardens, parks, Henry Vilas Zoo, etc.
Our program offers monthly pet interactions, Bible study, entertainment, and community projects.



Monthly Calendars, Menu, and Newsletter

Connections Activity Calendar for January

The Gathering Place Activity Calendar for January

Menu for January

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