The Adult Day Center provides support and respite for caregivers while their loved one is in a safe, social, fun environment and receiving care from professional staff.

Bringing your loved one to the Adult Day Center gives you time during the day to run errands, go to work, visit friends, shop, or fulfill other personal and family commitments. Meanwhile, you can trust that they are receiving expert care in a safe environment and are engaged with various activities that meet their needs, abilities, interests, and are designed to maintain a great quality of life. Highly trained staff members provide health monitoring, assistance with medications and personal cares, support with feeding, and help with mobility. Some people visit our center on an as-needed basis and others attend every day.

We regularly provide educational opportunities, host discussions groups, and listening sessions for caregivers.

Certified by the Wisconsin Department of Health

The Adult Day Center is one of the Aging Services programs through Catholic Charities Madison, that supports older adults in maintaining independence for living in their own homes and communities.

Our adult day center supports older adults and any adult with medical concerns, in maintaining independence for living in their own homes and communities. We are the largest adult day center in Dane County and the only center in the county that offers a custom program for people with dementia, Alzheimer's, and other memory loss conditions. We provide a more affordable alternative to nursing homes and most in-home health care services.

Participants attend 1-5 days per week and spend their day with us socializing and enjoying fun activities with peers and community volunteers; meanwhile, we provide a safe environment with professional staff to care for them and assist with medical needs.

Caregivers are able to tend to chores, remain employed, or have some rest and relaxation while their family member or friend is at our center.

We are proud to be accredited with the Council on Accreditation, a member of the Wisconsin Adult Day Services Association, and a certified MUSIC & MEMORYSM facility through Dan Cohen's MUSIC & MEMORY SM Certification Program.

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