Below are the most frequently asked questions about the Adult Day Center

What services does the Adult Day Center provide?
We provide structured therapeutic activities, group and individual activities, a safe environment with supervision for participants, a nutritious meal and two snacks each day, health maintenance services, caregiver/participant support and problem solving. We create a personalized care plan for each participant containing their strengths, needs, goals and an action plan to help them achieve their goals. We can help with coordination of transportation services with area transportation companies. Some of the objectives our day center can help you achieve include:

Preserve living situation in the community by providing additional supports for the participant and/or caregiver (paid or unpaid)

Personal and/or environmental safety

Memory care services to maintain functioning as long as possible

Encouragement and reminders to the participant to follow through with delegated plan of care including things like staying active, treatments, etc.

Reduction of crisis situations by proactive support/treatments- (reducing 911 calls and hospital visits)

Nutrition monitoring

Health maintenance activities such as monitoring vitals, providing nebulizer treatments, etc. to catch changes and/or problems earlier

Monitoring and treatment for chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, COPD

Assistance with activities of daily living such as feeding, ambulation, toileting, etc.

Mental health support and monitoring

Caregiver respite and support

Pre-vocational skills training done through supervised and structured volunteer jobs at the day center. These volunteer tasks provide purpose and stability for our participants in a safe environment

Safe medication administration

Reduce isolation by providing strength based activities and socialization/peer relationship developing opportunities - (restore the sense of belonging and being an active part of a peer group/community)

What is the average number of days a person attends the Center per week?
Participants attend the day center anywhere between 1-5 days per week, based on personal choice. Day center staff encourages participants to attend at least twice per week as they have observed an easier transition into the group if someone attends more than one time per week.

Are there any special or notable features of the Catholic Charities' Adult Day Center?
The day center offers many special features. Our day center is bright and cheerful and surrounded by natural light within a home like setting. We have a walking path around our dining room that encourages independent and group walking/physical exercise; two quiet areas for individual/small group activity or just to use to relax/rest; and a very nice aviary to enjoy watching and listening to the birds.

We are proud to be the only adult day center in Dane County that offers a custom program for people with Alzheimer's, dementia and other memory loss conditions; and a certified MUSIC & MEMORYSM facility through Dan Cohen's MUSIC & MEMORY SM Certification Program.

What tasks can be delegated to the C.N.A.’s?

Vital sign monitoring- blood pressure, pulse, respirations, temperature, orthostatic blood pressure (sitting to standing, unless otherwise specified)

Blood glucose monitoring

Insulin administration

Special skin care

Nebulizer treatment

Oxygen management (tank or concentrator)

Medication administration

Foot care- including foot soak, trimming of non-complicated (non-diabetic only) toe nails, cleaning around toenails, application of ointments or creams

G-tube feeding

Fingernail care- trimming (non-diabetic only), cleaning, cuticle care

Care of hearing aids and eyeglasses

Catheter care (Foley and Supra pubic)

Colostomy care

Anti- embolism stocking/ ACE wrap application

Urine sample collection

Stool sample collection

Any other specific medically related needs are considered on an individual basis. 

What is the cost to attend?

Day Center services are billed to the participant (or the designated responsible party) monthly based on the participant's scheduled days. The daily fee is a flat rate, and not based on level of care needs. Therefore, the cost per day covers all services offered in the day center and meal/snacks (with the exception of transportation services which can be purchased separately).  Currently, there are no half-day or hourly-day center billing options. Transportation services are not included in the day center daily rate. To learn more about the day center and its costs, contact Nichole Kraemer at (608) 826-8106 or

How do I get more information?
Contact Nichole Kraemer today at (608) 826-8106 or  for more information, or to schedule a complimentary tour of our day center facility (including a lunch and sample of our activity programming).

What are Adult Day Services?
Adult day services are community-based group programs designed to meet the needs of functionally and/or cognitively impaired adults through an individual plan of care. These structured, comprehensive programs provide a variety of health, social, and other related support services in a protective setting during any part of a day, but less than 24 hour care.  Adult day centers generally operate programs during normal business hours five days per week.

What are the Catholic Charities Adult Day Center hours?
Our day center is open from 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday

Who is eligible to be served at the Adult Day Center?
Adults age 18 and older who have:

A need to preserve living situation in the community by providing additional supports for member and/or caregiver (paid or unpaid)

A need for personal and/or environmental safety including supervision of members

A need for memory care services

A need for social interaction

Be able to function within a group setting with a 1:6 staff to member ratio. Member’s medical acuity and level of care need must be manageable within the available resources in the day center

Not be a danger to themselves or others

Be free from communicable disease

Adult day centers are designed to serve adults who are physically, cognitively or intellectually impaired and may require supervision, increased social opportunities, assistance with personal care, or other daily living activities. Overall, adult day services provide a reliable source of support, restore balance in times of crisis, and enhance overall quality of life for caregivers.

Catholic Charities serve and employ persons regardless of sexual orientation, religious, ethnic, racial or social background.

Is your adult day program regulated?
Yes, Catholic Charities Adult Day Center is certified by the state of Wisconsin. We comply with all day center certification standards and participate in random audits by the state. As a part of meeting those standards, we are committed to offering our day center staff 10 hours of continuing education training per year. We offer a variety of trainings for staff within Catholic Charities on subjects such as: person centered care, independence, dementia care, standard precautions, medication administration, and many more. We also send our staff to area in-services and trainings in the community when possible. 

How does the programming work?
Our day center programing areas are set up to work together to provide flexibility for our program participants. Participants are enrolled in only one program, but have opportunities to attend programming in two areas so that we can best meet their functioning level and interests as well as ease transitions as their needs change.  This continuum of care promotes quality care for our program members throughout the progression of their lives. The dementia-specific programming area does have a secure area that is specially designed to meet the needs of people with more confusion or wandering risks. This area is smaller than the rest of the day center and meets the needs of members who require more structure and less stimulation.

How are activities planned?
Our activities are planned a month in advance and are adaptable to all those interested in participating in the group. These programs are offered for multiple levels of abilities and from low to high needs. Our activities are offered to all participants and they are encouraged to attend the groups. However, our groups use the philosophy of participation by choice, so members always have the right to decline an activity or make other choices (such as individual or small group activities like puzzles, dominoes, cards, etc).  The plan for each group activity is developed with a goal, a purpose, specific directions for the group facilitator, possible adaptations that could be used and a back-up planned activity. Participants’ likes and interests are incorporated in the activity programming whenever possible.