Participant Program

Preserves Independence

The Adult Day Center provides a safe environment while promoting independence with every day activities. We involve participants with their own cares, offer choice, and provide opportunities for education. The Adult Day Center has trained staff who's goal is to provide quality care and to help participants remain living in their own homes for as long as possible.

Promotes Social Health

Your social health is just as important as your physical health.  Studies have shown, socializing with others:

  • decreases isolation and loneliness
  • gives a sense of community and a feeling of being connected with others
  • improves your self-worth and positive self-image

At the Adult Day Center we provide a full day of quality programming that promotes socialization, stimulation, and engagement in a variety of cognitive and physical activities.  We tailor our activities to meet the needs and interests of participants and provide opportunities for individual, small, and large group interactions. Although, the Adult Day Center is certified as one facility, there are two separate program areas for the comfort & success of our participants.  The Gathering Place is a specialized program for those with cognitive impairments such as dementia and Alzheimer’s and those who benefit from a smaller & quieter space.  Connections program area is geared towards adults who have medical conditions, physical disabilities, and/or mild cognitive impairments.

Improves Quality of Life

Quality of life is individualized yet has basic components in which the Adult Day Center can help including:

  • Structure & Routine: Having structured activities and a daily routine can aid with improved sleeping patterns and overall mood. The Adult Day Center provides a structured routine through scheduled activities, snack and meal times, and attendance of the same day and times each week.
  • Nutrition: Proper nutrition is important for our memory, mental health, and overall physical wellbeing. We provide a morning and afternoon snack each day along with a catered nutritious lunch. The lunch menu is planned by a dietician and meets the Department of Agriculture’s daily nutritional requirements.  Special dietary restrictions are provided for participants including, but not limited to, low sugar, low fat, pureed foods, mechanically soften foods, and vegetarian options.
  • Physical Activity: Regular physical activity helps improve and prevent decline of strength, balance, and risk factors for falling. Adapted physical activity is offered each day through range of motion exercises, walking programs, active sports, and individualized exercises provided by a healthcare professional.
  • Health Needs: Nursing staff are onsite daily to help with personal cares, medication administration, and overall medical & safety monitoring.
  • Social Supports: Staff and volunteers are available for social support throughout the day. Our Recreation Specialists work closely at providing community involvement through outings, guests speakers, and programs with surrounding K-12 schools and colleges.